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Capsules Each
What is the maximum safe number of milligrams of echinacea and goldenseal that I can take in one day?

I have capsules that have both herbs in them. Please site a source of your information. I want to be safe with this. The bottle says to take 1-2 each day, but I believe I should be able to take more than that.

If I took two capsules each day, that would give me 500mg of Echinacea and 250 mg of Goldenseal for the day.

I am pretty sure in another brand that I have taken more than that before.

Thanks for your help!

You can take up to three capsules a day. It is true that you should not take either one of them on an extended basis. They do work on an energetic level, but they also work on a chemical level as well (berberine, hydrastine, etc). You should know that:
— Enchinacea angustifolia root has the highest potency
— Goldenseal is endangered please only buy cultivated not wildcrafted
— Goldenseal should not be taken as a preventative
— Take echinacea as a preventative only if you are being exposed to an illness (i.e. you are the only person in your family who isn’t already sick)
— it is my experience that Echinacea works better for colds (especially at the onset) and that Goldenseal works better for heat conditions in the mucous membranes.
— stay away from standardized remedies. They are only a marketing ploy by nutraceutical companies because whole plant remedies cannot be patented. Taking an isolated chemical from a plant isn’t as effective as the whole plant because other active ingredients are being thrown away. If you are concerned about potency look for “assayed” remedies which means they measure the active ingredients for potency but don’t use a chemical process on them. Eclectic is a good brand to look for.

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