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Burner Pill
What is the best diet pill/fat burner?

What is the best stuff out there? I am not that big, but want to trim that last 5-10 pounds covering up the abs. Any info on what the active ingredient is, personal success with different products, risks involved, etc. etc. would be helpful. I am looking to buy something to really trim down, and it doesn’t seem like diet and exercise is doing it alone – I need a boost!

There is indeed some evidence that metabolic enhancers may increase glucose metabolism, increase insulin production and increase fat oxidation. The over-all effect is usually an increase in energy expenditure and decrease in body fat.


They all work quite well (my favorite is HotRox), but you must take them in the morning, on an empty stomach and followed by at least 30 minutes of cardio with your heart rate between 70%-80% of your max (seek a personal trainers advice before trying this if you are not conditioned)

There are several contraindications for such products depending on your condition, and you’re best to check with your Physician before taking them. Most are relatively safe if you are healthy, young and use them as subscribed.

Note that each of these products above have different ingredients and have different individual reactions.

High points:
– work well if used consistently.
– Decrease body fat levels at a fast rate if used properly
– may improve mood in some individuals

Low points:
– addictive
– may cause irritability in some individuals
– side effects such as heart palpations common

Maintain and good diet and exercise regimen, and you can’t go wrong. Good luck

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