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How To Burn Wii Games Without Modchip

It seems too good to be true right?Best Wii Tools Click here Exercise while enjoying a fun video game? Wii Fit seeks to do just that. Shigero Myamoto, the computer whiz behind Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda, has a new product that is aimed at everyone. Wii Fit goes along with the original Wii console and comes with a CD full of exercises, information, and a balance board. You get a 12-inch by 20-inch plastic slab that looks a lot like the steps used in aerobics classes. The balance board is used extensively in the game. All the exercises are done on the board or next to it. It senses whether you’re correctly positioned, and even functions as a scale. The balance board will tell you your weight and body mass index when you first start using Wii Fit. In addition to balance games, Wii Fit offers strength training, yoga, and aerobics. With each category you will have four our five options to begin and as you progress you can “unlock” more options for each exercise.

Strength training, for example, allows you to choose between torso twists, lunges, jackknifes, single-leg extensions, and push-up/side plank combos. The balance board will tell you whether you are doing these exercises correctly. It counts how many times you do them and will offer general suggestions. For example, while doing a side plank it will tell you not to drop your hips.

Aerobic exercises start with a basic step, a run, or hula-hooping. All of these offer a fairly low level of cardio activity, but by advancing in the game it will offer you more and more difficult exercises.

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Balance games consist of the ski slalom run, a ski jump, table tilt, and soccer “heading” during which you butt the onscreen ball with your head. These are a key component to Wii Fit because they determine your fitness level throughout the game.

Although the Wii does offer several solutions for excellent home fitness that are fun and entertaining, this is only part of the equation if you are really trying to get more fit. As any fitness trainer will tell you, your diet is at least 80-90% responsible for making any real progress with your physical fitness. You need to pay attention to what you eat, staying away from fat, sugar, and empty calories. Try to eat plenty of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables each day in place of junk food.

If you want to really make a difference in your fitness level, it is wise to use your diet as a tool to help you. Protein supplements are a very common way to quickly and easily boost your protein level so that your muscles have the necessary fuel to grow. By increasing your lean muscle, you effectively increase your metabolism, which naturally helps your body to burn fat. Whey Protein is one of the best protein supplements you can buy. It is 90% protein and a naturally byproduct of dairy, so it is an all-natural, extremely efficient way to metabolize plenty of additional protein. With this kind of fuel, your Wii Fit workouts will be more pleasurable and you will see results faster than you ever thought possible.

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How To Burn Wii Games Without Modchip

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