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Bottles Herbalife
Does HerbaLife actually work?

Alright, I’m a 19 year old Chicano (Mexican-American). I’m 5″5.5′ tall & I weigh around 226LBS. My doctor said that I’m overweight, that by my age & my height, I should weight around 150LBS. Like I’m fat around everywhere, just that my stomach just hangs out, but I really want to lose that. I went to my cousin’s house once, and he said that to help me lose weight I should take HerbaLife. Then he gave a bottle full of Multi-Vitamins & Powder Shake (Strawberry Flavor) to help me lose weight (they both from HerbaLife).

I was wondering if HerbaLife actually does work because I really want to lose weight. So, does HerbaLife actually work or not? If so, do I have to do anything to help HerbaLife work?

P.S: I want honest & mature answers, nothing childish nor sarcastic (e.g: “oh. you’re extremely fat.”; “ummm…. no, it does not. DUH!!!!” (or vice versa); “you need to exercise… DUH!!!!”; etc.), please. Thank You!

Herbalife will work if you follow the suggested steps. You should take your vitamins and supplements 3 times a day, drink 2 shakes a day, eat one meal with lots of vegetables, and snack on protein snacks when you feel hungry throughout the day. Herbalife Diet works by reducing your calorie intake, and giving your body the nutrients it needs in the formulated shake mixes and the various vitamins and supplements. Sorry, I know you don’t want to hear it, but you do need to exercise as well, which would help speed up your weight loss.

I have a customer who lost a lot of weight using Herbalife and you should check out her story:

Good luck to you!

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