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Liposafeā„¢ Supplement

When purchasing any weight loss product, it is important to do your research. Many people are exchanging their opinions about LipoSafe on DietBlogTalk.com

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The advertising for LipoSafe™ points out that some manufacturers use caffeine or other stimulants to provide the benefits for weight loss, but LipoSafe™ doesn’t.  The advertising also points out the LipoSafe™ formula is contained in an easy-to-swallow capsule that quickly dissolves in the digestive system and other products don’t.  So far we know that the formula doesn’t contain a stimulant and it dissolves easily, but we still are not informed about the reliability of the 41 ingredients for weight loss.  The advertising continues to point out that nutrients are vital for good health; no argument there from us.  Finally, when the advertising has exhausted the negatives about other products they inform the consumer that the herbs, botanicals, vitamins and minerals in LipoSafe™ can replenish the nutrients that are generally lost during weight loss. 

Ingredients at a Glance

The 41 ingredients in LipoSafe™ are beneficial nutrients.

Ingredients in Focus

Aside from the typical vitamins and minerals, some of the ingredients are herbs that are used in traditional medicine to improve overall health.  Turmeric is believed to aid in circulation and is combined with Choline Bitartrate to possibly assist the liver in handling fat from the diet.  Neither of these ingredients is proven to burn fat caused by poor eating habits.  Rice flour is also used in the formula because there is some belief that the flour contains high levels of Lysine.  Lysine is believed to strengthen the circulatory system. 


•    LipoSafe™ contains many helpful vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


•    LipoSafe™ does not contain a proven fat burner

•    LipoSafe™ does not contain an appetite suppressant

Final Thoughts

The advertising for LipoSafe™ tiptoes around their weight loss claims by mentioning how important it is to support the body with beneficial nutrients while on a weight loss program.  The long list of ingredients does not contain what you would expect in a weight loss supplement, such as an appetite suppressant, fat burner, or metabolism booster.  You may find you’ll have to make an additional purchase to get the help you need with those challenges.

About the Author

Shane Crafton is a diet editor, who’s team specializes in health, fitness and weight loss reporting.

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