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Body Fitness
How would I start training full body fitness starting from no training at all?

You’ll be surprised how helpful and informative people in gyms are. Chances are if you just ask someone they will happily go through the basics with you.

What us gym rats DON’T like is people ignoring or arguing about the advice, or trying to get advice without being asked.

So have an open mind, pick who you ask carefully (ie someone who looks fit and strong but not just through good genes) and just ask them for some pointers. I’ll bet you a muffin they’ll help and be happy to do so 🙂

Good personal trainers aren’t cheap but that’s certainly an option.

I like to think my own ebook, (search my name) with its pics and helpful text, would be a great start but seriously, just ask. If you want to train at home then yeah, you need a good book or video.

Don’t just dive into it without a clue, as you can easily hurt yourself – or just make it such a miserable experience you’ll give up!

One thing you’ll usually hear is to start very slowly and for weight training to use light weights. I disagree regarding the weights, you should start heavy (for you) from the start if you can. There are dozens of good reasons for this I don’t have space for here.

You’ve already made the first step, deciding to do it. Congratulations on that!


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