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Body Fat

Body Fat
How to check your body fat without having to visit the doctor?

Can anyone help me with this? I exercise and I would like to see the amount body fat I'm losing, but I do not know how w / o going to a doctor.

The most inexpensive, noninvasive and accurate home is measument with body fat calipers. I would recommend the Accu-Measure Fitness 3000 tweezers. I've included a link to your website below which is a list of places where you can buy tweezers. They tend to be less than five dollars. You can also buy them at Amazon. Studies have shown that a single measurement with calipers Accumeasure, when done correctly, can be as accurate as skinfold caliper test strip. I would avoid the electronic scales of fat and tools, and that hydration can affect the results. I tried these myself and find that the results are very inconsistent. The clamp method is by far the most accurate short entering the water tank. Good luck!

How To Burn Body Fat

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