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Soccer players need to lose fat!?

I'm a football player, but I need to lose weight to look good. I do not really matter the scale. I lose fat! I have 14 years, about 200 pounds. I'm overweight, but I really do not think so. I have a 32 in the waist and not sure about the chest. I'm playing offensive tackle this season and I'm big enough and I am a great blocker. We lift weights and run three times a week from this week. I've been lifting weights my school since January! Squats, Bench, incline bench, Power Clean, upright rows, curls, etc ect ect. I squat 205. I bench 135, I sink 65 and 115 of clean energy. I have not seen any results at all! I have to lose fat! Is it because not run? I like to run. I need to lose the boobs man, the belly, love handles. I want to look good before the season starts. In addition, all my friends are in the pool with the girls and I hate taking my shirt. Need help!

OT I played in high school and college OG. If you want to lose the extras you need a kick up the cardio and change your lifting routines. Change things and try new exercises. An elevator / exit should always be working hard and to always give what you can. You need to ensure that their addition in extras. For example, on a day in the chest that has to do more than just bank and slope. Change the slope and the use of dumbbells and push. For other exercises try dumbbell flies, flies cable, pull overs, lizards, etc. If you do not like running to test the stair master, elliptical, bike, etc, but a key point pointed out that implementation is the best way to go. You can spend 30 minutes to an hour in some of the other machines, but if you feel that you got a point, then is likely to be then you probably did not. Also, changing your diet. Being a big guy, 6'3 320 and played in college, I know it is not easy. But that large are not given a great physique, such as small. There is no need to starve your self by any means, but cut the junk food, fast food Stick etc to eat healthy foods and try to eat 5 small meals a day. Also, while you work very hard and cut the junk food, you should be fine. Last thing. As for your stomach and abdomen. This material is the hardest to lose. People say they do more abs and abs. Both of them are great exercises, Core strength is vital to olineman, but no matter how many sit-ups or squats you do, you will never have a good stomach unless you lose some fat first. Try adding 15 minutes of ab work to each of their work outs and trying other methods above. You will lose the extra stuff you want and be in better shape for when it's camp.

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