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Bikini Body Workout Secrets

You say you want a bikini body, but do you really know what your goals are?  Do you want to fit into your skinny jeans or do you want to get fit?  “It’s important to have answers to these questions,” says LA-based celebrity trainer Jason Kozma.  Kozma who sculpted the bodies of many in the spotlight as well as achieved the title of Mr. America, says most people mistakenly believe that “losing weight” is the way to go. “It’s not about the number on the scale, it’s about inches around your waist, hips, chest,” he points out.  “It’s also about your body fat ration.” “But it’s all so confusing!” you say.  “Low carb, low fat, high protein… every month there is something new! “How do I know what to eat?”   “Weight loss is all about “calories in” and “calories out,”” says Kozma. He says fad diets don’t nurture the body and help you get the bikini shape you want.  “The studies that appear often in the headlines usually measure the number of pounds lost and not the pounds of fat versus muscle,” he says.  “That’s one of the reasons you see people who are considered ‘thin’ where they are in fact malnourished.” Kozma’s no-fail bodybuilding plan helps novices as well as those who have tried it all lose the unwanted fat, tone the body and triple the energy.  Kozma will tell you how to calculate calories, measure portions, how to choose foods that will help you lose weight, and what to look for when shopping in your local grocery store. In no time, he will help you get real results, whether you want to drop a size, get bikini-ready fast, or make over your entire body from head to toe. Here are Kozma’s five tips of getting started:

1.      Build Strong Bones and Muscles
Kozma believes in hoisting hefty weights during high-intensity workouts.

2.      Focus on Yourself
“It’s important to feel your body,” says Kozma. “Spend every minute in the gym effectively, you can socialize after workouts.”

3.      Swing into Action
If you can’t make it to the gym, take a walk, run on the beach or even clean your apartment.

4.      Be a Fit Mom
”Having a baby is no longer an excuse for extra fat,” says Kozma.   Just take one look at the celebrity moms, who show-off their babies as well as their tones glutes and shoulders.  “Do lots and lots of lunges with shoulder presses,” says Kozma . “Have your toddler stand in for some dumbbells.”

5.      Log On for Success
Kozma will share with you the same workout advice as he gives celebrities and athletes at www.latrainer.com, which also offers experts advice on everything from weight loss to walking.

About the Author

Personal Trainer Los Angeles Jason Kozma is a professional Los
Angeles Fitness Trainer
in Southern California. Jason and his High Performance Training Team are helping residents all over Southern California lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives. Find out more by visiting

I Want My Bikini Body Workout

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