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Berry Colon

What’s Wrong With Oprah, Dr. Oz, Acai Berry, Colon Cleansing and Fake Blogs

The ‘Fake Blog’ Scam Technique

Certain internet marketers (I won’t name any names here) are writing fake blogs and submitting them to the Google Content Network. These ads pop up when you’re on many different websites, in the Google AdSense sections. Most ads don’t even mention the acai berry. You instead see an advertisement that’s titled something like ‘Flat Stomach Fast!’ or ‘One Rule For a Flat Stomach!’ The web address usually follows the format of a woman’s name, and then the address “weight-loss-blog.com”. This will lead you to a picture of the fake blogger, their fake testimonial, some fake comments, and most importantly, a ‘before and after’ picture.

The Colon Cleanse / Acai Berry Combo

Most of the times, this is what the fake blogs are advertising. It actually sounds like an okay way to detox your body, so I’m not going to try to shoot it down. Naturally, there will be weight loss just from getting leftover waste out of your colon – providing that you use a trustable product. Since Oprah often mentions acai berry on her show, advertisers manipulate this as ‘credibility’. Oprah didn’t promote acai berries as a weight loss product, but a health product. These fake blogs are distorting her message. The Google Content Network is also taking steps to try and eliminate these fake blogs from popping up, also.

There Are Honest Acai Berry Sellers!

So, after my personal research on the acai berry, it definitely looks like a great addition to a diet. I think I’ll probably try it out for a couple of months. Despite the fake blogs, there are a lot of people making a good profit with honesty. Here’s a brief overview of what the acai berry is said to do :

It has great antioxidant properties, and stabilizes insulin.

Acai berries are like blueberries, which have more concentrated antioxidant power than any other known food. Blueberries can have up to 30 times the antioxidant power of grapes and red wine. The acai berry has twice that power, and also includes ‘healthy’ fats that stabilize insulin. Insulin needs to be stabilized during every moment of the day.

Losing Body Fat by Stabilizing Insulin.

Your body is more capable of burning fat when your insulin levels are kept balanced. In simple terms, insulin is a ‘storage hormone’. If you are eating foods that causes an elevated blood sugar, your body will create more insulin in an effort to reduce that blood sugar. Without getting too technical, higher insulin levels means that your body will have a higher degree of fat storage.

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