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Beat Bloat
I have these symptoms, irregular heartbeat, backache, swelling in the stomach and have trouble breathing help?

I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and a pacemaker was implanted recently for my heart rate. I am taking Norpace diovan.It and is hard to breathe sometimes. I think there are other problem.My doctor does not seem worried

A pacemaker will not control a lie. Must be controlled with medication and / or a type of shock implant internal converter. Some situations a doctor allow the patient to remain in a lie if it do not stay all the time. The reason it is difficult to breath because the heart rate is too fast, while in A ยบ Fib. Depending on the size and / or strong the heart muscle, dictate which drugs will choose for you. Consult your doctor and tell him how uncomfortable it is …. discuss options and then if it does not explain why he is not interested or you feel you can do better switch drs.

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