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im taking Xenical (orlistat) for weight loss help im stuck??

ive been stuck in the same weight for about 6 weeks, my doc has suggested cuttiong to carbohydrates, but I am a very restless room and I love my potatoes and bread, I am very miserable and I am really making an effort to lose weight, want to know how I could get a LapBand around my stomach, im on 6 stone overweight and my last drop?

um and the only way in a very open permanrntly weight is diet change entire year and start eating healthier if you love carbs years try to get the healthier version, for example have brown rice instead of white and wheat bread to get all these other thin quick SCEM trust the work I know as soon as you stop taking the back more of their weight before just be careful to try to cut down on foods you can eat 6-8small a day like this also increases also matabolism eat many raw foods like fruits and vegetables at least 5 servings a day and you should drink lots and lots of water 12 glasses a day as this flush unwanted things never spend more 3 hours without eating and how they tend to lose self-control when you try to be more active walk far to find a exersice you enjoy swimming as I prefer This flab tones too so mabye get a mate to help you both can do, so do not cut anything completely and do not have 1 chocolate when he fell as having too much because you havent had in ages and if you absolutely must eat but little somthing vote to reduce anything else can all the best good Luckily, o), do not hesitate to email me if you need to ask anything I would like to help

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