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African Hoodia

African Hoodia
Has anyone used Hoodia with some success?

It is a weight loss product from an African cactus plant

That is just a scam to get your money. Now I'm not saying that the FDA is always right, but have been investigating several known companies that pledged loss weight with the pills and at least some of them have Hoodia as an ingredient in the pills. I try to exercise and try to reach what would be sensible healthy eating (in terms of calories and the number of meals per day, also, what food you think would help you that you can eat and food you should not eat.) Actually, the problem (myself included) is the changes we made, even after reaching their ideal body weight as can be. Good luck and please try fool not to try things any quick weight loss diet pills, etc.

Product Demo: Transitions Thermochrome with Advantra Z and South African Hoodia gordonii

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