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What is the best collar / strap for a Boxter to get active to stop pulling while walking and jogging?

My boxer is very strong and pulls award walking and jogging especially when he sees children on bicycles (which wants to run behind them) or any material leaves and trash in the park. I would like know of a neck good to be able to better control.

It seems that your boxer is showing prey drive, which is stimulated by things moving quickly and away from him. Some think this is sufficiently dangerous that needs a serious correction immediately let it happen. There are all kinds of aversive neck illusion C├ęsar, choke collars, haltis, gentle leaders, shock collars, etc. Most are probably aversive shank (bra) and necklaces shock. They all have problems in the neck whiplash head to the serious damage caused by improper use of choke collars. If you think this is a case of prey unit, you may want to invest in a coach who can teach you how to use these tools correctly so you do not harm your dog, either physically or mentally. If it's a case of a young dog is not trained to walk on a leash, you can keep track of my workout. Go to a boring and uninteresting, without distractions. Walk your dog from a loose belt that forms a "U". Always address the strap tight, reverse and go the opposite way. You praise him for the following – you can provide a small treat as well. Dogs tend to ignore if we let and a snug strap means they are paying more attention to their environment than they are to where we are. The routine of loose belt can take a while or can occur very quickly.

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