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Acting Liquid

September 29th, 2007 No comments

Acting Liquid
Dumb question – my TruBlend liquid cover-up is acting up…. is it because of the heat?

I have that Covergirl TruBlend crap, bought it like three months ago, and it’s all the sudden gotten thinner and more liquidy, and also runs out of the hole when it’s just sitting there.

I noticed that it got thicker and it seemed as if it was pressured out of the hole when I was vacationing in close to 0(f) degree weather.

Is it just because it’s getting hotter? Is the temp affecting it?

Has anyone else had this problem??

(lol, I know, this is a dumb question =P)

Yeah it’s the temperature.

I have this problem all the time with my TruBlend-liquid-whatevery-whatty

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