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Watchers Points
How I can calculate the weight that many observers earn points through exercise?

I'm trying to do Weight Watchers for free. I know how many points I can eat, but do not know how i can eat more points by exercising.is there a way I can calculate this without joining the Weight Watchers? advice please. thanks!

Hi, I recently want to do Weight Watchers for free, I learned if you have no point sale, you can go to any local and weight watchers buy one for $ 10.00 … While exercising, you are allowed more points because you are active …. How did you find out how many points are allowed to consume in a day about your weight? I'll be starting Weight Watchers for free, but I have no idea how the points is what I can consume in a day for me Wight .. Weightwatchers recently entered and said that my mother ruined his counter points and a brochure, and would like a new … cost me $ 20.00 which is a lot cheeper then join … if you have an idea of how many points I can consume within a day please let me kno … BlydBlnd21@yahoo.com

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