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How many calories should I eat if I want to lose 5 kilos?

I've packed on some pounds in the last month and want to lose 5 kilos. I eat healthy most part. How many calories should I consume each day to lose five pounds if I burn 600-800 per day? My goal is to lose in three weeks, and keep it off! Thanks

There are more tips and information. How to lose weight naturally has been debated for years. Some say low carb. Some say high carb. Some say it's the amount of food. Some say it's the amount of exercise. But none of them covers the whole picture. How to lose weight naturally, is not rocket science. Only accept the facts of these seven natural laws of weight loss, in addition to the old stick-to-ness. Seven Laws of How to Lose Weight Naturally 1. Make a commitment to what is necessary. 2. Start from a foundation of happiness. 3. Design your own healthy diet plan. 4. Manage your emotions. 5. Find a form of daily exercise. 6. Keep a journal. 7. Be persistent. – Healthy life every day!

Jerry Butler – Don’t Want To Lose You

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