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Tracker Diet
Does anyone know any good onine diet monitoring websites?

I'm looking for one of those websites as mypyramid.gov, which is great food and enter fed, and evaluates the amount of calories you ate and what they should eat more or less, etc. I used mypyramid.gov and was wondering if there is any easier trackers using food for free. Thanks!

I found a lot when I wrote to monitor the diet "in the search bar. Here is the link to my search results seems to be http://search.yahoo.com/search?search=diet+tracking&ei=UTF-8&fr=ks-ques&p=diet+tracking FitDay, Diet Program, and start your diet are some of the good. Here are the links: I http://www.startyourdiet.com/ http://www.fitday.com/ http://www.dietagenda.com/ Hope this helps.

How to Use SparkPeople’s Free Food Tracker to Lose Weight

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