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The Great Escape Super Bowl: Ladies, Fast! Find a vacation rental home and plan fun "girls only" weekend … nondomestic pigskin!

Austin, TX (January 2008) "We've all been to Super Bowl parties. Too often consist of a couch full of kids shouting and hitting high, while swallowing beer and chips. Meanwhile, their hapless wives and girlfriends to chat a bit uncomfortable with the vegetable platter and check their watches every few minutes. Sure, football is great for football fans, but not all women in all states on a robust athletes in tight pants Wait … let us rephrase that … In short, while some women fall prey to the big game, there are probably many more who do not appreciate the thrill of testosterone and an evening of Super Bowl.

If you're one of them, Christine Karpinski has a great suggestion: Why not plan your own getaway weekend of Super Bowl-just you and a group of his pals "at the home of a vacation rental near you?

"Think about it," says Karpinski, director of community owner for HomeAway.com (the rental market for holiday homes on-line) and author of How to Rent to own properties, 2nd Edition: The Complete Guide to purchase, manage, Furnish, Rent, Maintenance and Advertising Your Vacation Rental Investment (Kinney Pollack Press, 2007, ISBN: 0-9748249-9-2, $ 26.00). "You do not spend enough time with your friends, you're stressed out and need a break, and if something does not plan, you will end up making painful talk with her husband best friend's new girlfriend a girl who is a statistical certainty that you nothing in common! "

Why a vacation rental? Karpinski says they are fast becoming a popular alternative to hotels. After all, they're more expensive than hotel rooms (sometimes even less) and provide the comfort and convenience you would find at home, plus a few extras. Most tenants are delighted to find your rentals Vacation loaded with special features like large chimneys, luxury bedding, and soothing hot tubs.

Women hoping to avoid exaggeration football could pool their money with friends and avoid a weekend stay at one of the thousands HomeAway.com s' holiday home. Since there is a holiday home in a two-hour unit more metropolitan areas, women across the country can stay close to home and still enjoy a quick getaway. And the owners are usually flexible terms, especially during the winter off-season months when they feel fortunate to rent, even for a couple of days.

"Going on vacation the weekend is a great way for women to reconnect with each other, and this time is particularly beneficial to girls during the gray winter months, when we tend to feel sad, "Karpinski said." And since people men have already committed to the television during Super Bowl weekend, most of her friends will there is no excuse to pack a bag and head for a fun weekend! "

So what will you do during your mini-vacation? Anything you choose! Here's a weekend a few topics that a tightly knit group of girls can enjoy:

* The Sleepover Spa Weekend. You and your friends can get pajamas and settle in for some much needed Zen time. Take fresh cucumber water and give each other manicures and pedicures, or pop in a yoga video and have a session activation group. You might even book appointments at the local spa for facials and massages with hot stones. Once you feel like a million dollars out to a nice restaurant to enjoy bonding time overdue.

* The "Man, I feel Like a Woman" weekend. With all the men outside the way, this is the best time to enjoy all the baby-tion that sometimes drown around your man. Lounge around eating candy. Explosion Carly Simon and Jewel of speakers and sing as loud as you want! Hold a movie marathon with all your favorite movies chicken and does not skimp on the tear-jerkers. This weekend girls of all vaccines!

* The Blast from the past weekend. What if you have a husband, two sons and three dogs back home? Still we are all kids at heart, right? This weekend you and your bride can go back to behaving like a group of teenagers again! Spread your sleeping bag and play truth or dare. Gossip about boys "on the popcorn and get movies that were popular when they were in high school. If you're feeling particularly groovy, dressed and out to a big club or bar. You will feel totally recharged by the end of the weekend and ready to return to adulthood.

* Children are so Good week. You may not want to hear this, but there is a possibility that the hubbies will be reluctant to keep children and you and your friends will not be able to find a babysitter for the weekend of Super Bowl. If that is the case, do not worry. The beauty of a vacation home is that children can hang out in a different room (or better yet, on another floor!), while taste and girls some fruit daiquiris and a good talker session. Plan your blender and plenty of kid-movies and everyone will have a happy weekend!

"Even if you can not meet in time for the Super Bowl, you should plan a fun weekend for you and her friends soon, "Karpinski advises." Women have to remember that the friendship of other women, and that's not good for our emotional health. As soon as to HomeAway.com to see all the great houses for rent, zip out an email to all your friends, and do it! Who knows? You can start a winter tradition rival even the most boisterous celebration of Super Bowl, and in the future, her husband's new girlfriend's best friend will just have to fend for itself! "

About the Author

About Christine Karpinski:

Christine Karpinski is the author of How to Rent Vacation Properties by Owner, 2nd Edition: The Complete Guide to Buy, Manage, Furnish, Rent, Maintain and Advertise Your Vacation Rental Investment (Kinney Pollack Press, 2007, ISBN: 0-9748249-9-2, $26.00) and Profit from Your Vacation Home Dream: The Complete Guide to a Savvy Financial and Emotional Investment (Kaplan, 2005, ISBN: 1-4195069-1-9, $19.95).
Her books, combined with her seminars, media appearances, and Web site (www.OwnerCommunity.com), help thousands of people purchase and manage their vacation homes. Today she serves as director of Owner Community for HomeAway, Inc. (www.HomeAway.com).
About HomeAway, Inc.:

The HomeAway, Inc., websites connect homeowners and property managers with travelers who seek the space, value and amenities of vacation rental homes as an alternative to hotels. With more than 250,000 global listings across the sites, travelers may easily search for budget- to luxury-priced vacation rentals on HomeAway.com, VRBO.com, VacationRentals.com, CyberRentals.com, A1Vacations.com, GreatRentals.com, TripHomes.com, Holiday-Rentals.co.uk, OwnersDirect.co.uk, FeWo-direkt.de and Abritel.fr. The sites also feature reviews and the HomeAway Rent with Confidence Guarantee™, which help ensure a memorable HomeAway from home® experience. HomeAway is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and funded by Austin Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, American Capital, Institutional Venture Partners and Trident Capital.

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