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Soul Fitness

Soul Fitness

“body Composition, Body Fat to Lean Mass – be Fit and Informed.”


How many meals a day are ideal? What type of workout is best for refreshing the mind and body?

These and many other food and fitness questions will be addressed at the “Body Composition Body Fat to Lean Mass – Be fit and Informed” workshop to be held at Body To Soul Fitness, (behind Lowe’s home improvement) 33 Riverside Drive, Pembroke, MA on Saturday, February 9, 10:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Dr. Carol DeFranca and Dr. Scott Chapman, husband and wife chiropractic team of Norwell Chiropractic Spine and Sports Rehab, will lead the workshop. Drs. DeFranca and Chapman are authors, international recognized health experts and trained in both sports health and nutrition.

The workshop will include samplings of savory yet nutritious smoothies, shakes and other replenishing foods. The session is $29 for Body To Soul Fitness members and $39 for non-members. To reserve a seat, please call (781) 982-5566 or email DrDeFranca@norwellspineandsports.com.

Dr. DeFranca noted, “Better food choices and a more strategic plan can help you improve your health, achieve your health goals, and reduce your health risks. This workshop will help you learn simple things you can do every day to take control of your health – such as diet, exercise, stress management, and appropriate nutritional supplementation.”

She has recently co-authored “The Upper Body Book”, a unique instruction manual for those suffering from neck, upper back or shoulder pain, discomfort or lack of motion. Dr. DeFranca has also published medical illustrations in several scientific journals and has co-authored a chapter on Rehabilitation of the Low Back Pain Patient with Dr. Scott Chapman. She is currently working on another textbook chapter pertaining to shoulder disorders and rehabilitation.

As Board Certified Orthopedic Specialists and Chiropractors, Drs. Chapman and DeFranca specialize in musculoskeletal disorders, exercise therapy and nutritional education. For more information about, please call Dr. DeFranca or Dr. Chapman at the Norwell practice at (781) 982-5566 or visit their website at www.norwellspineandsports.com.

Norwell Chiropractic Spine and Sports Rehabilitation is located at 144 Washington Street, Route 53 in Norwell, MA.

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