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Slimming Slipper

Slimming Slipper
What shoes are thin and lightweight, but still great for the winter?

I'm the kind of girl who likes to wear flats all the time if not so cold. I did however, buy some of those obstacles that have skin shoes, and I have a pair of boots and moccasins. So I know they are big boots to winter, but what kind and brand? If it helps my budget is $ 25-30 <- sorry if you consider that cheap. However, I am also looking for a pair of slippers courts that are light weight – not a single height (because I'm tall) and looks very nice in a teenager. Thank you.

High boots, ankle boots, flat boots. Skin is hard and I suggest you shop around for good buys. Closed flats, converses, levis (think how they're spelled), are lightweight, flat and keep your feet warm in winter =) You can also go for ugg boots? And it does mean good tennis professional? $ 25-30 is a big budget =)

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