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Shapeworks Protein
Are Nutrilite products better or worse than Herbalife Shapeworks when it comes to losing weight?

My uncle wants me to try out Nutrilite, because he’s a distributor, but I want to make sure it works. I’m on Herbalife Shapeworks Advanced right now, and i’m losing weight on it, so i want to make sure that Nutrilite is going to work just as good as it. I tried to look up weight loss products for Nutrilite, but i didn’t find out much… i think my uncle said that the Protein Powder from Nutrilite, would be the same as drinking the meal replacement shakes from the Herbalife Shapeworks program, but the Shapeworks Advanced also comes with fat burning tea, multivitamins, and a couple of other pills to help with the weight loss. Can anybody help me with this?

i personally think and have tried it also – herbalife doesnt have the best product on the market plus they are one of the most expensive ones. there are much better and cheaper products in regular health food store plus nobody tries making living out of your paycheck and giving you all kind of crap you dont need.

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