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Sauna Pink

Sauna Pink
Have you ever seen a ghost?

or a strange creature. Here, I share: "It was really creepy. I was 10. We had a sauna in the back of our house for my grandmother, and I was walking back to her house, walking aroud the house to the front. It was a dark and snowy night Stary. He was looking toward the future. Suddenly my side view glimpse of the crouching figure rose. I do not know what the hell was that. I did not look directly at it, since I was Soo scared. But it was as if someone was crouching naked, but really pink! It was 1-2 feet away from me. I ran all the way – that I got scared. I do not know if it was a ghost, even. —- I checked in the morning I thought maybe it was the pink tub left out – but no, I was home. There was no nothing in that place in the morning either.

I licked a ghost! … In the leg. Maybe it was a ghost dog .. I do not know!

Naughty by Nature (Feat. Pink)- What You Wanna Do

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