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What's really John Cena in the ring?

Forget about his ability to cut a promo and what does not. When John Cena gets in the ring what he leads to the rational capacity and more? Everyone hates Cena, do not start with the BS Cena Sucks!, Because it is boring

He offers much more in the ring give people credit for. Yes, his moveset is impressively diverse, but that the WWE has a different moveset? It is no champion of the NCAA While amateur wrestling, but when she ever used those things in the WWE? Besides that, Cena has the ability to work is consistent with more than 20 minutes, get good main event PPVs, and he has an uncanny ability to make their opponents look great. Sale and chaining help movements Dinner parties are going well, and their opponents look good. Examples would be Triple H, Umaga, The Miz, Carlito (incredibly), Randy Orton (double incredibly), Batista, but The Great Khali. Cena question is his 5 moves of doom. The movements themselves are not bad, but does not sell any of the wear it had during the game. Other than that, Cena brings a lot of positive the ring and is a good choice for the main event scene of the WWE.


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