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About Paragliding and parasailing

Many people do not know the difference between paragliding and skydiving. In fact, many say that paragliding and powered paragliding are the same thing. This misconception is probably due to the fact that riders are propelled through the air.


In parasailing, you need a motor vehicle and a cover to make the air. You can not go alone, parasailing, you need an experienced and well trained to drive their vehicle and inflate your canopy.

It is a common misconception that can only be done parasailing in the water. Parasailing can be done at sea and on land.

The method Paragliding Paragliding is common water, which is made in bodies of water. This method has three types: winchboat, the platform and the beach. The simplest form of paragliding is the kind of beach, while the more complicated is winchboat, where a special type of ship called winchboat is needed to help your landing and takeoff. Platform parasailing, where up and down on a platform, has declined in popularity due to some security problems.

Land parasailing is usually in deserts or probably large areas of barren land. It is not safe parachute over areas that are covered with trees and shrubs, and you can be caught in the branches of a tree during landing or takeoff. Jeeps are the common vehicle of choice for this method because they are more resistant foil.

Powered Paragliding

PPG, short for Powered Paragliding it is actually quite different from parasailing. In PPG, you do not need a plane to drop you in the air or ship or vehicle for lifting. A inflatable wing and an engine-laptop backpack is just what you need to start powered paragliding. The engine will be the only drive you into the atmosphere, while its wing inflatable will keep in the air.

The main differences of paragliding and powered paragliding

The most obvious difference is that you can go it alone in PPG, while glider is a team effort. The way a person stands to also differs. You are propelled by a motorized backpack unit with PPG, while paragliding, which is at the mercy of the wind speed, the tow rope length and speed of the vehicle.

Just listen to a few minutes of water safety lessons before you can go parasailing. The people who should receive special training for security forces that control the computer. However, PPG, need to attend at least five days of training to be able to enjoy a carefree solo flight.

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