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Prepare for public speaking

"I can not believe they agreed with this speech. Look at all those people out there! My knees tremble thus much my pants are vibrating. My stomach feels like I just went in the top of a roller coaster. My heart beats so fast and hard on my tie is jumping. I just want to scream and run! "

Public speaking is often cited as the main fear of adults. The Book of lists of places of death in the fifth place, while speaking in public comes first. Jerry Seinfeld said: "That would mean that at a funeral people are five times more likely to want to be in the coffin of giving praise. "

Let's look at some techniques to treat anxiety and give an excellent presentation. The methods are divided into the stands PREPARE

Repair P – The foundation of a good speech is based on the six "W" of journalism effective. You should determine:

Who is your audience?

What are the key points?

When spoken to, how long?

Where is the discourse physical environment?

Why the public will listen?

How will you present?

In an effective speech can only offer 3-4 main ideas. Think about your audience, the amount of time you have, what media you are using to support your presentation and the physical environment. Decide on the essential ideas vital to understanding of its subject. These are the key points. Make a general outline with supporting details, quotes and charts.

R ehearse – Practice is essential. Start by reading through the detailed description of his speech. Check your time during this trial. When you feel comfortable with the material, move to a keyword scheme. Do not try to memorize the entire speech word for word. Keep practicing with your Keyword scheme until you become familiar with the material and its sequence. Mark Twain said, "It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech." That is the effect that they are working for – a conversation, improvisational style, but with a deep knowledge of the material.

Keep practicing aloud with a less detailed scheme and again, the time of his talk. If possible, videotape yourself or someone you trust to listen to the practice. Ask them to tell you what you're doing well, and give suggestions for improvement. Accept their criticism with grace, even if you disagree with them.

nTry E – Launch presentation is as important as the take-off. If the launch fails, the rest of the trip becomes irrelevant. Determine how you will begin your speech and commit early Several lines of memory. A good start includes telling the audience why they want to hear. What is the benefit to them?

If you are particularly nervous, find a friendly face and talk to that person for several minutes. Do not start with an apology … "I did not have much time to prepare this talk." Or "I'm not really very good at giving speeches." From a negative makes the audience uncomfortable. Remember that you are most anxious that you are looking for. Convert your enthusiasm and nervous energy in his speech to launch a positive way.

osturing P – Your body is a tool. Learn to use effectively. Find your center of gravity. Your feet should be firmly planted on the shoulder width. Keep your shoulders back and chin up. Stand calmly careful not to worry or domain. Let your hands rest on the sides.

Make your movements deliberate. If you make a gesture with his hands, we will return to the position resting by your side. Do not walk around the room. If you want to go to another place – and then stop going there. Talk to one person at a time and keep eye contact.

Its voice has a volume, tone and rhythm. Realize that you will talk faster and at a higher pitch than they did when they were rehearsing. Note this trend. Speak lower and slower. Speak loudly enough for everyone in the room can hear but not so loud people in the front rows are covering their ears.

A udience – Know who you're talking about. What does your audience on the subject? Try to anticipate your questions. Not as William Safire, who said: "Is sloppiness in speech caused by ignorance or apathy? Do not know and I do not care." During the presentation, seek feedback, questions and concerns. This makes you appear accessible and lets you move through the subject with her audience along following closely.

If may greet audience members as they arrive. Ask why he came or its interest in the subject. Adjust your presentation plans to better meet your needs. Finally taking into account the audience is not your enemy – they want you to succeed. Nobody came to see you flail or not. Engage and persons who are partners in his talk with success.

R elax – Remember that the physical reactions that experience in front of a group are normal. When confronted with a stimulus situation the body uses to "fight" or "flight response." Your pulse rises. Adrenaline released into the bloodstream. Your body prepares for a response physical but you have to stay!

Sometimes your mind generates negative thoughts. Michael Pritchard said: "The fear is that the darkroom, where negatives are underdeveloped. "Deal with the fear by creating a strong foundation (know your subject!) and confident in your message. Take some deep breaths. gentle stretching exercises can scatter or part of the anxious energy. Smile.

Find The E – Like that the moment of landing a plane, the presentation must be landed correctly. Begins the end with a summary of its key points. Then ask questions public and clarify any issues remaining. Then make his closing statement, which should encourage some action. What do you want the audience to do? Memorize the last lines ensures a strong closing. Finally smile and nods.

If the idea of speaking in public causes you anxiety, probably will be. However if you prepare, your anxiety level will be lower and will bring forth a better, more effective speech. Who knows, you may notice that as giving praise better than being in the coffin!

About the Author

Richard Highsmith, rick@leadersinstitute.com, is Regional Vice President & Senior Instructor for The Leader’s Institute. He has twenty-five years experience training and coaching. He has built and sold two successful businesses. To learn more about becoming a High Impact Leader visit our website at http://www.leadersinstitute.com or call Rick toll-free at 1-800-872-7830 X102.

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