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Lean Metabolism

Lean Metabolism
"I can lose weight in 2 weeks?

I am, what a gir short. I have no body of a boy of 12 I am slim and I have a fast metabolism. Only a fat in some areas … I do not want to lose weight, just want to have a thin body (nice spin, no love handles, flat stomach, etc. ..) It's the end of July, do you think it is possible that I can get a toned body and more agile in mid-August? What should I do? Exercise and diet tips please?

Hey mate! I have written a guide to everything I tell my clients to do what really works! (I am a personal trainer). Follow this and get to a healthy weight. It may take a few months or may take a year, but start today! You should aim to do 40-60 minutes of weight training 4 times a week and add in a couple of walks / jogs in the middle. Get some dumbells (5 kg) and do 3 sets of 6-8 exercises x 15reps. For example: 15 x chest press (with weights) 15 x lunges (With weights) 15 x 15 x pectoral squats (with weights) 15 x biceps curls (with weights) 15 x Burpees (Do all the above 3 times – If you get bored of these email me I can give you many more!) Then do sit-ups, some oblique and transverse turns holds (iron) for the abdominals and core stability. Try 40 minutes doing weights 3-4 times a week. Be sure to give your muscles a rest between them. Go for runs on the days you do weights (Aim for atleast 30 minutes of walk). It has been shown in many studies that the best way to lose fat is the weight of the train. Every pound of muscle you gain increases your metabolism which burns more calories. Training Weight also has an after burn effect which means more calories are burned throughout the day while only doing cardio only burns fat during your training time. So weight train weight train weight train !!!!! This is the best advice I can give everyone. If you are a woman will not be bulky, as you do not have enough testosterone in your body to build big muscles. You just turn your body into a slim, lean, toned fat burning machine! The Men definitely build muscle mass depending on the amount that up! Also, never ever be a time limit. Make a commitment to do this the rest of his life. Too many people go on benders training diet / for a couple of weeks before giving up once they reach their goal. Do whatever is recommended you reults will be impressive, but there is no miracle solution for losing quick weight. looooaaaadddsss drinking water. Do not drink anything. The water is your best friend when weight loss as it fills, reduces appetite and keep hydrated. For your intake of foods you eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, poultry, fish, brown rice, wholemeal bread, lentils. Cut out all high-carbohydrate high sugary processed foods. Also, try to avoid foods high in saturated fat. Try not to go for a 1500calories. Always go to a low GI! Hope this helps someone who is trying to lose weight. Believe weights are girls (and boys) best friend:)

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