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Hoodia Gordonni

Hoodia gordonni …..?

ive heard of this weight loss supplement called Hoodia gordonni … anyway, I was wondering if any of u have tested and if so how long did u use it for ?….. if it works well and there are side effects? if not what are they? thanks! Also, if it did work u can tell me how much weight or less lost and how long … thanks! xx

My opinion is that it does not work. It has a strong effect placebo, however, which means that people who take it expected to eat less fool in the belief that it works. It is assumed that only makes them feel less hungry, do not cause you to lose weight. If you still eat like you always do, then do not do anything except emptying your wallet. There are some user reviews of some of the most recognized brands of more than http://www.nutritionaltree.com hoodia. You can look there to see what people who have tried the product is saying. The site does not actually sell anything yet.

Hoodia Gordonii: Potential Hoodia Side Effects

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