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Hoodia Extract

Hoodia Extract

Hoodia Extract – The Controversy

Search for "Hoodia Gordonii" on the web and find endless websites that tells your unique taste Hoodia extract.

But here is where your first mistake comes 100% Genuine Hoodia Gordonii does not come in an extract form. Not at all.

All that an extract reality means is that part – and we mean anywhere – Hoodia Gordonii plant has been used to make this supplement. I refer not only to random parts plant.

It is amazing how many companies have come up with inventive ways so that its 400 mg authentic look.

Do not believe us? Check out the following list is incredible leaves … flowers … one of the other 13 plants Hoodia … even caffeine. They have done nothing and everything to reduce costs and gain more money themselves.

And the person who just lost in this scenario, you and only you.

What can you do to escape hoodia extract of dispute? Learn the basics of what to expect when you are looking to invest in a product Hoodia Gordonii.

Take for example the list capsules ingredient.

The only ingredients that you should never find in the packaging of a Hoodia product is the core of the Hoodia Gordonii plant, gelatin, magnesium stearate and stearic acid.

Now, before the events, and say that these 3 additional ingredients that do not 100% pure, there is something you need to know. That's not strictly true.

You see the ingredients mentioned above are part of the capsule containing the powder of the plant Hoodia. They are fine.

But if you find any other ingredient on the label extra point or a quote that says it is a plant extract, then stops. All this information is actually being said is that the capsule contains only 60% of the true basis of Hoodia. The rest are fillers that do not offer anything beneficial for journey of weight loss.

And according to research conducted by pharmaceutical Alkemist, over 80% of the Hoodia Gordonii capsules they tested, was found to be not 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii or genuine.

And this figure is based on the number of products that were sent to willingly to be tested. There hundreds of other products made from Hoodia Gordonii have not been tested, have not been proven to be the genuine article.
In saying that there are products out there that have the backing, the clinical trial and the CITES certificate to prove they are the real deal. UniqueHoodia being one of them.

Inside a capsule 460mg users can find of pure Hoodia Gordonii unchanged. No fillers or added ingredients, just the kernel powder plants.

And that's 60 mg more than the average product Hoodia will also open.

In a compact package, customers can experience the satisfaction of knowing they are receiving:

• capsules 100% pure natural Hoodia – not extract form, but powder
• A reduction of 2,000 calories each day
• 10,000 times the strength of appetite suppression, compared to glucose

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