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Herbalife Sleep

Herbalife Sleep
the desire to start again HERBALIFE?

SCINCE I was sixteen years I have been on Herbalife i stopped using it years ago and won 2 to 248 pounds is my current weight when I stopped Herbalife was 160 i 225 i was wen i started my question is, I recently had a baby 4 mths ago and I tried when I was 2 weeks old to be back there for 2 weeks I was dizzy and fainting doc says the lack of sleep with a newborn and my body had just been through hell so now going on 4 October 7 mths and im asking you think you still have the same effect as sick by the way he wakes up once at night to feed, he falls asleep at 9 wakes at 5 am to 7 for dinner then 9 then just wake up wondering U IM to think ill have the energy and be physically able to im just worried I would not want to do soemthing and go wit it yielded no

I recommend that you wait until hes a little older and your sleep pattern becomes better, and yes the lack of sleep causes fainting when using Herbalife, I attach it to me when I started college.

Herbalife: Keep Your Resolutions Healthy – Good Sleep

Herbalife Sleep Now

Herbalife Sleep Now


Even the occasional sleepless night can undermine health, vitality and mood. Herbalife’s Sleep Now is a natural, non-addictive herbal formula with melatonin, that can help you enjoy a good night’s sleep and awaken refreshed the next day….

Herbalife Relax Now 30 Tablets - An Herbal Supplement to Ease Anxiety and Stress

Herbalife Relax Now 30 Tablets – An Herbal Supplement to Ease Anxiety and Stress


Chronic loss of sleep leads to fatigue, anxiety, restlessness, poor performance and even depression. Formulated with melatonin and an exclusive herbal blend to help normalize sleeping patterns so you can get more rest throughout the night

•Helps improve the quality of sleep.*
•Melatonin is a natural hormone secreted by the pineal gland, whose production slows with age. Supplemental melatonin …

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