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Colon Cleanser

Colon Cleanser
Will a Colon Cleanser help me lose weight?

I’m thinking about using a colon cleanser to help me jump start my weight lose.

I have been eating healthy, Fruits, Veggies, Only drinking water, and I have been working out 3 times a week.

I have read that the weight that comes off from a colon cleanse isn’t from fat and I will gain it back? If I colon cleanse and then continue to eat healthy will I be able to keep the weight off?

You would just lose water if you did that, and you would flush your body of the nutrients it would have gotten. Keep drinking your 8 glasses a day, and try checking out this website, it is helping me really great. www.mypyramid.gov

Colon Cleansing – How To Do A Cleanse The Right Way

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