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Authentic Tony

Authentic Tony
The cards always worth way way more than you paid for them simply because they are baseball cards. I need a hundred thousand dollars and I would like sell these cards. I'm guessing that much better. Can anyone tell me how much these cards are amazing right? Thank you. Donruss * 1990 * 1993 Upper Chili Davis Billy Ripken Deck * 1978 Topps Johnny LeMaster (real, not a reprint!) * 1995 * 1979 Topps Topps Kirt Manwaring shooty Babbit (real, not a reprint!) * 1981 Fleer Rich Murray (Hall of Famer Eddie Murray brother!) * 1999 Collector's Choice Chris Gwynn (Hall of Famer Tony Gwynns brother!) * 1991 Topps Steve Olin (only slightly torn) * 1990 Upper Deck Steve Decker (rookie card!) If anyone is interested, let me know.

I'll give you $ 28 for the best laugh I've had in Y! A in months!

Authentic New York Pizza!

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